Noah's Ark and Persian palaces.

Ishak Pasha Palace, Mount Ararat, and local markets, offering historical sites and stunning landscapes.

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Located in eastern Turkey near the Iranian border, Doğubayazıt is a town known for its rich history and striking landmarks. The prominent Ishak Pasha Palace, a stunning example of Ottoman architecture, overlooks the town. Nearby, Mount Ararat, the highest peak in Turkey, adds to the dramatic landscape. The town's proximity to the ancient site of Urartu and its bustling bazaars make it a unique stop in the region.

Ishak Pasha Palace

The Ishak Pasha Palace is Doğubayazıt's most striking landmark. Perched on a hill overlooking the town, this 17th-century palace showcases Ottoman, Seljuk, and Persian architectural styles. Visitors can explore the grand courtyards, lavishly decorated rooms, and the distinctive façade adorned with intricate carvings. The panoramic views from the palace are impressive, providing a wide vista of the surrounding arid landscapes.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat, located just 16 kilometers from Doğubayazıt, is Turkey's highest peak at 5,137 meters. It's often associated with the biblical story of Noah's Ark. While climbing the mountain requires a permit and professional guide, even those who stay at lower altitudes can appreciate its imposing presence. The surrounding area offers ample opportunities for trekking and nature photography.

Doğubayazıt Castle and Meteor Crater

Doğubayazıt Castle, also known as Old Bayezid Castle, sits atop a rocky outcrop and offers an intriguing glimpse into the region's past. Though in ruins, it provides excellent views of the town and surrounding plains. Not far from the castle is a Meteor Crater, one of the largest such craters in the world. Located 35 kilometers from town, this natural formation measures about 35 meters in diameter and 60 meters deep, making it an interesting geological site to visit.

Local Cuisine and Markets

Doğubayazıt offers a variety of local dishes that reflect its eastern Turkish roots. Don't miss trying kebabs, lahmacun (Turkish pizza), and traditional sweets like baklava. The local markets are vibrant places to explore, offering everything from fresh produce to handcrafted items. Visiting these markets provides insight into daily life and local customs.

Ahmed-i Hani Tomb

Located near the Ishak Pasha Palace, the Ahmed-i Hani Tomb is a revered site dedicated to the Kurdish poet, philosopher, and scholar Ahmed-i Hani. It is a place of pilgrimage for many and offers a peaceful spot to reflect while taking in views of Mount Ararat.

How to Get Around

Reaching Doğubayazıt usually involves a bus journey from larger cities like Van or Erzurum. Once in town, walking is the best way to explore. Taxis are also available for trips to nearby attractions like Ishak Pasha Palace or Mount Ararat.

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