Marketchurchhannover | Hanover in Germany
Maschsee seen from the new city hall | Hanover in Germany
Maschsee vom neuen Rathaus in Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
Aerial view of Hannover (city hall and neighborhood) | Hanover in Germany
Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (HMTMH) am Emmichplatz im Stadtteil Zoo von Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
Ev.-luth. Dreifaltigkeitskirche an der Bödekerstraße und Friesenstraße im Stadtteil Oststadt von Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
Ruine der Aegdienkirche an der Breiten Straße und der Osterstraße im Stadtteil Mitte von Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
New City Hall in Hanover, Germany | Hanover in Germany
die Bödekerstraße in Hannover, Blick von der Kleine Pfahlstraße nach Süden | Hanover in Germany
Bockwindmühle in Anderten (Hannover), Niedersachsen, Deutschland | Hanover in Germany
Die HDI-Arena ist ein Fußballstadion in Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
Reifenfabrik der Continental AG am Mittellandkanal im Stadtteil Stöcken von Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
Hannover's old town hall located at Karmarschstrasse (pictured) and Schmiedestrasse in Mitte district of Hannover, Germany. | Hanover in Germany
Auf dem Messegelände | Hanover in Germany
Der Lister Turm war ein Wartturm der mittelalterlichen Hannoverschen Landwehr (1387 erstmals erwähnt), heute wird er genutzt als ein städtisches Freizeitheim in der List (Hannover), Niedersachsen, Deutschland | Hanover in Germany
Altstadt in Hannover. Links die Burgstraße, rechts der Holzmarkt. In der Mitte die Kramerstraße, wo am Ende die Marktkirche hervor ragt. Aufgenommen neben dem historischen Museum Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
The Aegidienkirche (Aegidien - church) is a landmark in Hannover, Germany. The church was destroyed in World War II, and the ruins have been preserved as a memorial. There are frequently art exhibitions in the ruins of the church. | Hanover in Germany
Grote-Palais an der Sophienstraße Nr. 7 im Stadtteil Mitte von Hannover. | Hanover in Germany
Hannoveraner Opernhaus | Hanover in Germany
Junges Schauspiel | Hanover in Germany
Der Beginenturm in Hannover | Hanover in Germany
City in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 530 thousand people.

Altstadt (old town) is a maze of narrow streets and picturesque squares, home to a lively mix of bars, restaurants and shops. But the city is also a modern metropolis, with a world-class exhibition centre, a buzzing nightlife and a large student population. The Schloss (palace) is a must-see, as is the Herrenhausen Gardens, a sprawling Baroque park with a world-famous glasshouse. After a day of sightseeing, relax in one of the many beer gardens in the city or enjoy a concert at the famous Opera House.


What people say about Hanover

I was in Hanover for a business trip, so I mostly saw the inside of a conference center and some restaurants during my stay. I did manage to get out for some walks though, and quite liked the city. Not in a way that made me feel that I need to go back anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind if I got another opportunity for a visit where I could explore a bit more. It felt like a green and safe city, and since I tend to enjoy German cities, I felt right at home. Also, since I am a grown child, I was happy to find a Leibniz factory store right next door to my hotel. Their chocolate-dipped biscuits are pretty damn good!

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Hanover.