Naumburg (Saale), Dom; aufgenommen vom Wenzelsturm | Naumburg in Germany
Old city of Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Historischer Marktplatz in Naumburg mit Bürgerhäusern und Renaissancehäusern 2007 | Naumburg in Germany
Oberlandesgericht Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Marientor in Naumburg(Saale) von der Landseite gesehen | Naumburg in Germany
Ostbahnhof von de:Naumburg (Saale) | Naumburg in Germany
13th century Naumburg Cathedral, Sachsen-Anhalt | Naumburg in Germany
Brücke der Thüringer Bahn über die Saale bei Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Naumburg an der Saale nahe Wenzelsring Ehrenmal für Gefallene Feldzug 1864 und 1870 1871. Foto von 2006. | Naumburg in Germany
Amtsgericht Naumburg, Naumburg (Saale) | Naumburg in Germany
Hauptgebäude des Domgymnasiums in Naumburg (Saale), Thomas-Müntzer-Straße (ehemaliges Lepsiusgymnasium) | Naumburg in Germany
Ausschnitt aus dem Naumburger Taubenmarkt | Naumburg in Germany
Naumburg Marktplatz mit Brunnen Heiliger Wenzel Renaissancehäuser St. Wenzelskirche 2007 | Naumburg in Germany
Altstadt von Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Naumburg Fußgängerzone historische Altstadt Foto Wolfgang Pehlemann Wiesbaden DSCN2538 | Naumburg in Germany
Naumburg (Saale), Luftaufnahme (2018) | Naumburg in Germany
Bismarckturm (Burgscheidelturm), Naumburg (Saale) | Naumburg in Germany
Naumburg um 1900. | Naumburg in Germany
Marien-Magdalenen-Kirche (Naumburg) | Naumburg in Germany
Town Hall of Naumburg (Saale) | Naumburg in Germany
West choir Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Wasserkunst, Mauerturm mit Wenzelsmauer in Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Wein- und Sektmanufaktur in Naumburg | Naumburg in Germany
Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 33 thousand people.

Naumburg is a small town in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is located on the Saale River, about 40 kilometers southeast of the state capital Magdeburg. Naumburg is an important town of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Central German Romanesque Road". The town was founded in the 10th century by Emperor Otto III and was first mentioned in a document in 995. Naumburg was an important town of the Holy Roman Empire. In the 12th century, it became the residence of the Margrave of Meissen. In the early 13th century, the town became a member of the Hanseatic League. Naumburg was sacked by the troops of Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony in 1180, and by those of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in 1181. During the Protestant Reformation, Naumburg was a stronghold of the Lutherans. In 1539, Naumburg became

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Naumburg.