Der Rundfunksender Schardenberg bei Schärding, Oberösterreich. | Passau in Germany
Luftbild von Passau, Deutschland | Passau in Germany
Kraftwerk Kachlet 2007 | Passau in Germany
MS Mozart in Passau

At 22.89 meters (slightly more than 75 feet), Mozart is considerably wider than most river cruisers, typically 40 feet wide. The extra width allows for larger staterooms, public rooms, a spa facility with pool and jacuzzi as well as a promenade circling deck two. Pictured in Passau. | Passau in Germany
Das Binnenschiff "Melissa" auf der Donau in Passau. | Passau in Germany
Schloss Freudenhain, Passau | Passau in Germany
Stadttheater Passau | Passau in Germany
Scharfrichterhaus-01 | Passau in Germany
Passau, der Fluss Inn, Dom und das Oberhaus | Passau in Germany
Gymnasium Leopoldinum, Passau | Passau in Germany
Dieses Bild zeigt ein Baudenkmal.Es ist Teil der Denkmalliste von Passau, Nr. D-2-62-000-438. | Passau in Germany
Grünanlage vor dem Stadtturm-Gebäudekomplex der Neuen Mitte Passau. | Passau in Germany
Fernmeldeturm in Passau | Passau in Germany
Universität Passau, Philosophicum | Passau in Germany
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Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 50 thousand people.

Passau is a small city on the German-Austrian border that’s often overlooked by tourists in favour of its more famous neighbours. But Passau is well worth a visit in its own right, with a charming old town, lovely river setting and a wealth of historical attractions. The city is dominated by the three rivers that flow through it – the Danube, Inn and Ilz – and the architecture reflects this, with Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque buildings lining the riverbanks. Highlights include the ornate St Stephen’s Cathedral, the fortress-like Bishop’s Palace and the lovely old houses of the Fischerviertel district. There’s also a lively cultural scene, with a range of museums and galleries, and a good selection of restaurants and bars.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in November during the day in Passau.