This is a photograph of an architectural monument., no. 8 | Soest in Germany
Soest, Altstadt, Fachwerkhäuser am Markt Soest | Soest in Germany
Türme Sankt Maria zur Wiese von Am Vreithof aus, Soest, Germany | Soest in Germany
Haarhofsgasse Blick nach NW zur Paulikirche | Soest in Germany
Sandwelle N51 34 25.5 E8 06 17.4 | Soest in Germany
Soester Industriegeschichte (Soest/Westfalen), hier Walzenfabrik Bernhard Ruthemeier und Hermann Milke Strassenbau, „Walzendenkmal“ am alten Werksstandort Fa. Ruthemeier in der Nähe des alten Nöttentores, heute Standort der Stadthalle, unmittelbar am Ulrichertor | Soest in Germany
Soest muenster | Soest in Germany
Der St.-Patrokli-Dom in Soest. | Soest in Germany
DB Bahnhof in Soest | Soest in Germany
Foto von Alt-St.Thomä in Soest vom Wall aus | Soest in Germany
Soest, Jakobitor in der Strasse | Soest in Germany
Soester Altstadt, Steinmauern („Grünsandstein“) im Gassendurchgang am Loerbach (in Richtung Teichsmühle) | Soest in Germany
Soest, Altstadt, Fachwerkhäuser Soest | Soest in Germany
Stadtbücherei in Soest | Soest in Germany
Blick vom Marktplatz in Soest auf St.Petri | Soest in Germany
Blick über den goßen Teich zum Dom | Soest in Germany
Soest fachwerkhaus zur rose | Soest in Germany
Marktplatz in Soest | Soest in Germany
Soest, view to a street | Soest in Germany
Haus Husemeyer, Marktstr. 7 | Soest in Germany
Turm von Alt-St.Thomä in Soest von Norden | Soest in Germany
Soest osthofentor | Soest in Germany
Die Teichsmühle in Soest. | Soest in Germany
Foto des Pilgrimhauses in Soest, Blick vom Jakobitor aus | Soest in Germany
Soest st petri | Soest in Germany
Soest pfarrkirche maria zur hoehe | Soest in Germany
Der Haupteingang der Wiesenkirche in Soest. | Soest in Germany
Soest, Westfalen, Blick in die Gräfte unterhalb der Stadtmauer (Rundweg) auf eine der vielen (leider geschleiften) Bastionen | Soest in Germany
Die Wippe (Nachbau) am Großen Teich in Soest | Soest in Germany
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Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 47 thousand people.

Soest is a small city in the middle of the Teutoburg Forest, about 25 km east of Dortmund. It is the capital of the Soest district. Soest is a historic city with a population of about 58,000. The city was founded in the 7th century AD by the Saxons. Soest is best known for the Soester Börde, a flat, fertile area that surrounds the city. The Soester Börde is a major agricultural area. The city is also known for its leather industry.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in December during the day in Soest.