Speyer um 1900 | Speyer in Germany
Der Dom von Speyer, aus der Luft von Westen aus gesehen im Anflug auf den Flughafen Speyer. | Speyer in Germany
Speyer 3 | Speyer in Germany
Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church) in Speyer, Germany | Speyer in Germany
Die Boeing 747 im Technik-Museum Speyer | Speyer in Germany
Maximilianstraße in Speyer | Speyer in Germany
Speyer: Dom zu Speyer | Speyer in Germany
Historisches Haus in der Fußgängerzone von Speyer | Speyer in Germany
Christmasmarket in Speyer 2009 | Speyer in Germany
Wasserturm Speyer von Westen | Speyer in Germany
Frontal view of Speyer Cathedral with Christmas illumination | Speyer in Germany
Stadtsiegel von Speyer 1293. Umschrift:"Sigillum Civium Spirensium". | Speyer in Germany
Speyer: Section of city wall with several towers along Hilgradstraße | Speyer in Germany
View of Speyer from its Cathedral | Speyer in Germany
Speyer, Germany: View from the Altpörtel tower over the Maximilianstrasse to the west facade of Speyer Cathedral.  On the left you can see the bell tower of the former St. George’s Church and behind it the roof and tower of the Holy Trinity Church.  Shot with the evening sun on a late autumn evening just before sunset, hence the bright colors — the cathedral facade appears much more colorful with the evening sun. | Speyer in Germany
Northern side of Speyer Cathedral and Sonnenbrücke (bridge across the Speyerbach) | Speyer in Germany
Speyer, Altpörtel von Westen | Speyer in Germany
Speyer - Dom ab 1025, MaximilianstraßeRomanesque churches in Rhineland-Palatinate | Speyer in Germany
Blick auf den Altrheinarm Rundedebunk, rechts die Insel Horn, Speyerer Auwald | Speyer in Germany
Speyer, Historisches Museum der Pfalz von Nord, Haupteingang | Speyer in Germany
Warturm, Speyer, Haus der Badisch-Pfälzischen Fastnacht | Speyer in Germany
Stadtansicht von Speyer vor 1750, Federzeichnung | Speyer in Germany
Judenbad Speyer 7 entrance to the pool | Speyer in Germany
Stefanie Seiler, Oberbürgermeisterin der Stadt Speyer | Speyer in Germany
Speyer, Bahnhof | Speyer in Germany
Town in 🇩🇪 Germany with a population of around 50 thousand people.

Speyer is a small city on the Rhine River in southwestern Germany. It’s known for its imposing Romanesque cathedral, the largest in Europe, and the Archaeological Park, a reconstruction of a Roman town. The Technik Museum has interactive exhibits on transportation, energy and technology. The city also has a lively Old Town with narrow streets, restaurants and cafes.

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You can expect temperatures of around NaN° Celsius in March during the day in Speyer.