The largest country in Africa stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sahara.

Algeria is located in North Africa and is the largest country in Africa. It is bordered by Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali to the southwest, Mauritania and Western Sahara to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. The country has many different ethnic and linguistic groups, including Arabs, Berbers, and Europeans. The capital and largest city is Algiers, located in the far north of the country on the Mediterranean coast.

Algeria is a beautiful country with a lot to offer tourists. The climate is perfect for spending time outdoors, and there are plenty of activities to keep visitors busy. Hiking, camping, and climbing are popular activities in Algeria, and there are many beautiful places to see. The Sahara Desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Algeria, and it is easy to see why. The desert is full of fascinating plants and animals, and the sand dunes are a sight to behold.

Algerian cuisine is a hearty and filling mix of French, Berber, and Arab influences. Some popular dishes include couscous, tagine, and harira soup.

Best places to visit in Algeria

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