The Silent City.

Old fortified city in Malta with medieval and baroque buildings, known as "The Silent City".

Mdina, once the capital of Malta, is beautiful fortified city that makes you feel as if you have stepped back into the Middle Ages. The city is surrounded by strong defensive walls, and its mix of Norman and Baroque architecture reflects its history. Visitors can enter through the Mdina Gate, designed by the notable architect Charles François de Mondion in 1724, which opens into a network of quiet alleyways.

At the center of the city is St. Paul's Cathedral, an impressive structure from the 17th century built where, according to tradition, the Apostle Paul is believed to have converted Malta to Christianity in 60 AD. The cathedral's museum offers a view of religious artifacts and artworks, giving insight into Mdina's spiritual importance.

Palazzo Falson, one of the city's most important noble houses, is now a museum featuring a range of antiques and artworks. For those interested in medieval warfare, the Mdina Dungeons present a less pleasant aspect of the city's history with reenactments of past events.

Local rules in Mdina focus on protecting and showing respect for its quiet atmosphere, giving it the name "The Silent City." Cars are mostly not allowed, which helps keep it peaceful. Visitors can take a horse-drawn carriage ride, known as karozzin, for a genuine tour experience.

Try pastizzi, a flaky pastry with ricotta or peas, or drink a glass of Maltese wine in one of the small restaurants in the city.

Mdina also has many cultural events all year. An important event is the Mdina Medieval Festival, which revives the city's history with reenactments, flag throwers, and parades.

For those planning a trip, the best times to visit are from April to June and September to October when the weather is pleasant, ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).

Average temperatures during the day in Mdina.

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