Capital of 🇲🇹Malta


Palaces, bastions, and gardens in EU's smallest capital.

A walkable fortress city brimming with Baroque architecture and vibrant arts scene.

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Valletta, the capital of Malta, is a city rich in history and culture. A fortress city, it was built in the 16th century by the Knights of St. John. Despite its small size, it is filled with architectural masterpieces and a lively social scene.

Valletta's streets are lined with Baroque buildings, evidence of its past as the stronghold of the Knights of St. John. This history is visible everywhere, from the towering St. John's Co-Cathedral, a formidable structure housing impressive art collections, to the well-preserved Fort St. Elmo, which offers a glimpse into military history.

The locals, rooted in tradition yet welcoming to outsiders, are quick to share stories of their city's past and present. They value their heritage highly, seen in their dedication to preserving their city's historical sites and traditions.

The city's compact size allows for easy exploration on foot. Walking its cobbled streets, you can witness the daily life of the locals and visit traditional markets and shops offering local produce and crafts. Yet despite its rich history, Valletta is not stuck in the past. It boasts a lively arts scene, with numerous galleries and theatres, and hosts various cultural events throughout the year. The city's culinary scene is also noteworthy, offering traditional Maltese food alongside international cuisine.

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