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Den Blå Planet

Explore Northern Europe's largest aquarium, Den Blå Planet, and encounter sharks in its Ocean Tank tunnel near Copenhagen.

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Den Blå Planet in Denmark, Northern Europe's largest aquarium, invites you on an immersive journey beneath the waves. Here, you can walk through the Ocean Tank tunnel with sharks swimming overhead and explore fresh and saltwater habitats teeming with marine life from all corners of the globe. With a special focus on conservation and knowledge, Den Blå Planet also provides interactive experiences and educational resources for visitors of all ages.

Ocean Tank Tunnel

Den Blå Planet features the impressive Ocean Tank tunnel, the largest aquarium tank in the complex. As visitors walk through this underwater tunnel, they are surrounded by a diverse range of marine life, including formidable sharks and graceful rays. This experience provides a unique perspective, creating the sensation of being on the ocean floor. It's a visual feast that captivates both children and adults, making it a highlight of the visit.

The Architecture of Den Blå Planet

The building itself is a testament to contemporary Danish architecture. Shaped like a whirlpool, Den Blå Planet's design not only makes it an iconic landmark but also enhances the visitor experience. The flow of the building layout guides guests through various exhibits seamlessly, echoing the marine currents and habitats on display.

Conservation and Education

Den Blå Planet actively participates in marine conservation efforts and aims to educate its visitors on the importance of protecting marine environments. The aquarium hosts a range of educational programs, such as feeding demonstrations and talks about marine biodiversity. These initiatives help to raise awareness about the fragility of marine ecosystems and the threats they face.

Interactive Visitor Experiences

To engage visitors and provide hands-on learning, Den Blå Planet offers interactive experiences. These include touch pools where you can feel starfish and sea urchins, and digital screens that provide in-depth information about the species on display. The aim is to foster a closer connection between humans and aquatic life through direct interaction.

Accessibility and Facilities

Ensuring that all facilities are accessible to every visitor is a priority at Den Blå Planet. The aquarium has been designed with wide pathways for wheelchair users and others with mobility needs. Additionally, there are ample rest areas, baby-changing facilities, and lockers for storing personal belongings, creating a comfortable environment for everyone.

Dining at Den Blå Planet

The aquarium houses dining facilities such as the Ocean Cafe, where guests can enjoy refreshments with an outstanding view of the surrounding water. The cafe offers a selection of snacks, meals, and beverages suitable for families and visitors looking for a quick bite or a relaxing break during their tour.

Special Events and Night Experiences

Den Blå Planet doesn’t only operate during regular hours; it also provides a setting for special events and offers unique night-time experiences. Visitors can book special guided tours that take place after the aquarium has closed to the general public, providing a more tranquil atmosphere to enjoy the aquatic displays.

Getting There

Located just outside Copenhagen, Den Blå Planet is accessible by public transportation or car. Visitors can take the metro to Kastrup station and then walk or catch a bus for a short ride to the aquarium. Those driving will find ample parking available on site. With its proximity to Copenhagen’s airport, it’s convenient for travelers to include Den Blå Planet in their itineraries.

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