Sculpture in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen's famed The Little Mermaid statue represents Danish fairy tales and Hans Christian Andersen's story.

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The Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen, perched on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade, is a symbol of Danish heritage and a nod to Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale. Despite its small size—just 1.25 meters (4.1 feet) tall—it has become an icon of the city and a must-see for visitors.

This bronze statue, created by sculptor Edvard Eriksen, was unveiled in 1913. The Little Mermaid has since become closely associated with Copenhagen's cultural scene. Its size often surprises visitors, who may not expect famous monuments to be so modest. The sculpture shows the mermaid in a moment of thoughtful longing, looking towards the shore which symbolizes a connection between her life in the sea and her love for the prince on land.

The Little Mermaid sits quietly, drawing travelers from all over who wish to see her. The sculpture's fame has made it one of the most photographed statues, yet its history includes damage and repairs—evidence of its lasting significance and the emotions it inspires.

Visitors might also learn about less known stories of the statue, such as times it was damaged or altered in protest. These events have added to the sculpture's history, making it not just an art piece but a part of Copenhagen's past.

Around the Little Mermaid, one can embrace the Danish concept of hygge—finding comfort and happiness in simple things. Enjoy a relaxing walk along the Langelinie promenade, or relax by the water's edge with a picnic. Just be considerate of the local rules of respecting public art and keeping the peace of the surroundings.

While the Little Mermaid is a significant attraction, its appeal extends beyond its physical appearance. It's a way into Danish folklore, an interest point for lovers of literature, and a symbol of Copenhagen's charm. Visitors are encouraged to visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and to enjoy a peaceful moment with this cherished statue.

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