Marina/Local hub in Brännö

Brännö Brygga

A lively pier with dances, green living, old roots, and beautiful natural views.

Brännö Brygga, a marina and local hub is the central point of Brännö island. This marina serves as the main access point for locals and visitors, connecting them to the mainland via regular ferry services. The rhythm of life here follows the ferry schedules.

The marina is known for its summer dances held on the pier. These dances are a key part of local culture and draw both young and old, creating an atmosphere of community and celebration. It's also the starting point for exploring the natural beauty of the island, with its walking paths that wind through green scenery and offer views of the Kattegat sea.

Advice for visitors: Check the ferry schedules in advance to plan your trip well. Summer is the busiest season, so getting to events like the pier dances early is advised. Also bring comfortable shoes for walking and dress in layers since the weather can change quickly.

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