Botanical Garden in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Gothenburg Botanical Garden has over 16,000 plant types in 175 hectares, plus exotic greenhouses and gardens.

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Gothenburg Botanical Garden, one of the largest in Europe, spans over 175 hectares (432 acres). With over 16,000 plant species, the garden is not just a visual treat but a center for botany and horticulture enthusiasts.

In the heart of Gothenburg, the Botanical Garden offers a wide variety of plants ranging from local Scandinavian flora to exotic ones. The Rock Garden, with its mountain landscape and waterfalls, displays plants from high-altitude regions. The Greenhouses are also noteworthy, with a collection of tropical orchids, carnivorous plants, and the rare Easter Island tree, no longer found in the wild.

Each season changes the garden, making it an appealing destination throughout the year. Spring brings blooming bulbs and cherry blossoms, while summer highlights the Herb Garden and Rhododendron Valley. Autumn offers a show of colorful leaves, and even in winter, the snow-covered grounds are peaceful.

Children's educational activities are available, and the garden also focuses on research and conservation, important for protecting plant diversity.

The garden's café is a nice place for a snack surrounded by nature. With a mix of scientific research and public engagement, Gothenburg Botanical Garden is an important location for nature lovers and visitors. Entry is mostly free of charge, with a small fee for the Greenhouses to support their upkeep.

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