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Haga: old Gothenburg area with traditional wooden houses, cobblestone streets, cafes, and shops.

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Haga stands as one of Gothenburg's most storied districts, reflecting 19th-century urban Swedish life, now filled with shops and cafes. Once a working-class area, it has evolved into a locale where history coexists with the present.

In the heart of Gothenburg, Haga's charm is evident from its cobblestone streets and wooden houses. The neighborhood has changed – from its simple beginnings to a popular quarter. The main street, Haga Nygata, invites visitors to walk alongside buildings from the 1800s. This pedestrian street has a variety of Swedish crafts and international fashion.

Cafes are key to Haga's appeal, many offering outdoor seating for the traditional fika – the Swedish coffee break. Known for its large cinnamon buns, these snacks are a perfect match with coffee.

Beyond shopping and eating, the nearby Hagaparken park is a place for peace. Visitors can enjoy the calm, a break from city life.

People interested in history will appreciate the neighborhood's commitment to its past. The Hagakyrkan, a community church, is an important part of the community, hosting events that reflect Haga's character.

For views of Gothenburg, the Skansen Kronan fortress, a short walk uphill, provides a wide view from its 87-meter height.

At night, Haga's streets are still alive. Restaurants and bars offer everything from craft beers to fancy meals, ensuring that the district remains active after dark.

What people say about Haga


I think Haga is bit overrated. It's a nice place! And if you're in the city and have a spare hour, go there and have some fika!

But it's not worth planning an afternoon for, in my opinion. It seems to be the only touristy place in Gothenburg.

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