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Explore Slottsskogen's zoo, vast green spaces, and Natural History Museum in Gothenburg for a blend of recreation, education, and leisure.

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Slottsskogen is a city park in Gothenburg, with large green spaces, animals in the zoo area, and the Natural History Museum with collection of Nordic specimens. Enjoy jogging, picnics, disc-golf, mini-golf and free outdoor concerts during the summer.

Wildlife and Nature Exhibits

Slottsskogen is home to a variety of wildlife exhibits that provide visitors with an opportunity to see native Scandinavian animals. Wander through the park to find the enclosures that house moose, deer, and Gotland ponies. There's also a seal pond where you can observe these playful creatures, particularly during feeding times which are popular among visitors.

The Natural History Museum

Slottsskogen's Natural History Museum is an enriching stop for anyone interested in learning about Nordic wildlife. The museum boasts an extensive collection of taxidermy animals, geological specimens, and interactive exhibits. It operates as a window into the biodiversity of Scandinavia and provides educational insights into the region’s natural heritage.

The Slottsskogen Park Zoo

This zoo within Slottsskogen is unique as it is open to the public without an entrance fee. Here you can observe a range of indigenous species including Nordic animals such as reindeer, wolves, and lynxes. The zoo focuses on conservation and education, making it a valuable visit for families and anyone interested in wildlife preservation.

Local Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Slottsskogen hosts several festivals and events that draw locals and tourists alike. Keep an eye out for information on outdoor concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural happenings that take place within the park grounds. These events offer a glimpse into the local customs and cultural life in Gothenburg.

Walking Trails and Scenic Spots

The park is crisscrossed with walking trails that lead to some of the most scenic spots in Gothenburg. You can find paths that wind through its extensive forested areas and alongside picturesque ponds, which are ideal for those looking for tranquility or photographers in pursuit of natural beauty shots.

Accessibility and Transportation within the Park

Slottsskogen is well-serviced by public transportation, with several tram stops nearby enabling easy access. Footpaths and signage throughout the park support those with mobility issues or families with strollers, ensuring all areas are accessible to everyone.

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