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Gothenburg Museum of Art

Explore Gothenburg Museum of Art with its Nordic art from the 15th century and modern photography in a classic building.

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Located in Gothenburg, the Gothenburg Museum of Art displays Nordic art from the 15th century to today. The museum is also known for hosting the Hasselblad photography award winner's gallery.

Located on Götaplatsen square, the museum is a good spot for art enthusiasts. The neoclassical building is notable, while the interior is organized by era and style, making it easy for visitors to explore the paintings, sculptures, and installations.

The museum’s collection has turn-of-the-century art with pieces by Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson, offering a view into the Swedish way of life and landscapes of the past. Also important are the works of Carl Milles, whose sculptures are recognized for their energy.

It also offers modern and contemporary art, with exhibitions on current social issues. The Hasselblad Center within the museum is a unique section for those who enjoy photography, featuring modern photographic art.

Guided tours and educational programs are provided for those looking to understand more about Nordic art and culture.

The museum provides a varied experience with art that leaves an impact no matter how long you stay. Open all year, with hours and entrance fees listed on their website (free for under 25s), it is a good idea to check their information before visiting.

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