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Liseberg in Gothenburg: Famous amusement park with rides, seasonal events, and fun for the family.

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In the heart of Gothenburg lies Liseberg, one of Europe's leading amusement parks, drawing over three million visitors each year. Opened in 1923 during the Gothenburg Exhibition, the park has developed into a well-known icon, featuring over 40 rides and attractions, including exciting roller coasters and a garden.

Liseberg's charm is not just in its rides; the park hosts seasonal events that change its appearance, like the winter Christmas market and a Halloween festival. There's a lot for families to do, from carousels for the younger ones to skill games along the midway. The park’s green spaces and flower beds offer a place to rest for those looking to relax from the excitement.

For those looking for excitement, the wooden roller coaster Balder, voted one of the best in the world, provides thrills with speeds up to 90 km/h (56 mph). The AtmosFear drop tower, at 116 meters (381 feet), provides a complete view of Gothenburg before a free fall. Valkyria, a dive coaster with a 50-meter (164 feet) vertical drop into an underground tunnel, continues to draw roller coaster fans.

Music and shows are a big part of Liseberg, with performances from Swedish and international artists, adding to the park's fun atmosphere. The food offerings range from sit-down restaurants with Swedish dishes to quick service stands.

Liseberg is open from late spring to early fall, with extra days for special events. Entry prices depend on age and height, with options for ride passes or single tickets. The park's location in the city means it's easy to get to by public transport or car, with parking spaces close by. Visitors should check the operating hours as they can change depending on the season.

What people say about Liseberg


Liseberg is awesome! A lot of fun both for kids and parents.
The place itself has a pleasant design, as it has a lot of greenery and flowers along the path, it also has some gardens where you can hide from the buzz if you get tired.

Downside - long waiting lines during the summer. The popular attractions regularly have up to one hour lines in August.


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