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Maritiman in Gothenburg is a floating museum with 19 historic ships, such as a submarine and destroyer.

Maritiman in Gothenburg is more than a maritime museum; it's a floating collection of history and adventure. With 19 vessels at Packhuskajen, it is the largest museum of its kind in Sweden. Visitors can explore a variety of vessels, including a submarine and a destroyer, offering an in-depth journey through Sweden's naval history.

At Maritiman, you can walk the decks, navigate through passageways, and learn about the life of sailors and naval officers. The destroyer Småland, the biggest warship in Scandinavia, allows visitors to understand the challenges of life at sea.

The submarine Nordkaparen provides a look into the tight conditions underwater, showing the quiet world of submarine warfare.

For families, the lighter ship Fladen offers an interactive experience where children can pretend to be sea captains or explorers. The museum includes hands-on exhibits and educational information.

Maritiman teaches about maritime topics including navigation and the environment. It brings together people of all ages as older family members share stories with the younger ones. Opening hours change with the seasons, so it's recommended to check before visiting. Entrance fees are about 130 SEK ($15 USD) for adults with reduced prices for children and the elderly.

The museum stands as a symbol of the maritime importance that is a big part of Gothenburg's character. Visitors leave with a greater respect for the sea and its sailors.

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