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Universeum in Gothenburg has interactive exhibits, a rainforest, and a big aquarium.

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Situated in Gothenburg, Universeum is Sweden's largest science center, spanning seven floors filled with exhibits that explore science, technology, marine life, and rainforests. Its indoor rainforest is a chance to experience the variety of life from a tropical zone within a Nordic city.

Universeum encourages curiosity and learning through interactive exhibits that involve visitors of all ages. The Space exhibit lets you learn about the universe, while the Chemistry Lab invites you to participate in experiments with guidance from experts.

Aquarium enthusiasts will be attracted to the Ocean Zone, which includes various marine environments from the Swedish coast to tropical coral reefs. The 1.4 million liter main tank provides a view of an underwater world home to sharks, rays, and many fish species.

The Rainforest Zone is a walk-through habitat where visitors can see birds and butterflies flying freely in conditions that imitate a tropical forest, with periodic rain and sounds of wildlife.

The Health exhibit explains the human body and presents medical progress, with hands-on stations that emphasize current research.

Universeum mixes education with fun, fostering an interest in science and a better understanding of our world. Easily reachable in Gothenburg on Södra Vägen, this all-year destination offers a meaningful educational experience no matter the season.

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